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Smarter design that makes turned parts as cost-effective as they can be

Robust yet cost-effective processes that achieve your goal

We work with you to design your precision part smarter from the start. You make us part of your team; we bring our precision know-how to the table before production starts. This jointly coordinated process is crucial. Because what we are trying to achieve together is the most cost-effective turned part possible based on your application area. That’s how we optimize your component by working together. We streamline the process chain so that your final costs are lower. Want to leverage the potential of smarter design for your precision parts? Then Leipold is your #1 partner.

We work with you to design your precision part smarter from the start. Taking a first draft, an idea or a specification, we then help you translate it into a robust, cost-effective component geometry based on application area. Material selection, tolerances and other commercial factors feed into the joint process at this stage. Based on this, we tailor our manufacturing plan to your component. The outcome: a consistent, highly standardized production process.

How we come up with a smarter design is entirely dependent on your individual requirements. Sometimes it’s an alternative material that helps to cut costs. Sometimes a simpler geometry clinches a simpler manufacturing plan. As a rule, we leverage potential in the following areas:

Geometry is fundamental to identifying the right machine concepts and cycle times by uncovering and eliminating functions that are not relevant to the part.

  • Example:
    Does a component really need a cross bore oriented as per the drawing when it actually has no function?
  • Benefit:
    Simpler geometries mean simpler processes and hence lower cost.

We factor in potential tolerances right from the design phase. If these are permitted, the test criteria can be left out of the process and not so narrowly defined. This has a significant influence on pricing.

  • Example:
    Your component has two SPC measurements that can be produced by the same tool as they have a wider tolerance range.
  • Benefit:
    We can streamline the process by dispensing with expensive inspection processes.

Materials differ not only in price but above all in terms of their machining properties. A material with the same functionality but a different price helps to streamline the process and can even save on material during processing.

  • Example:
    Simply use 1.4305 instead of 1.4301 if pressure-tight stainless steel is not essential.
  • Benefit:
    Save on raw material by choosing an alternative.

Wouldn’t it be preferable to place an order for not just one component but several at the same time? In this case we take a detailed look at customization options to make those components into a family, which is a great help in reducing overall cost.

  • Example:
    Even if only the diameter of the starting material is the same, we can save you money on the raw material by purchasing a larger quantity and therefore at a better price.
  • Benefit:
    By establishing product families in place of single components, we reduce the fixed costs.

Smarter design is a key building block in our precision portfolio. Drawing on our industry expertise we start by thinking about your application area and work with you to design your part accordingly, in line with your requirements. Thanks to our production options, we have the capability to put those ideas into practice. First, we have a comprehensive range of machinery capable of machining a host of different materials. Second, we offer a very high value-creation depth combined with the logistical possibilities of an international company.

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