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Increase the efficiency of your parts manufacturing: choose Leipold as your outsourcing partner

A reliable partner with long-standing precision expertise

If the requirements for your in-house machining processes are becoming too complex or your production has reached its capacity limits, Leipold can help. With long-standing precision know-how, we can manufacture your products on our machines. What’s more, we can help you outsource entire processes to us. With Leipold as your partner, you have all the advantages of a diversified precision parts manufacturer.

Outsourcing offers you a raft of benefits

Good reasons to outsource your machining

The decision to outsource part of your in-house production to a partner is not one you take lightly. As a precision specialist, we understand the risks and costs for our partners, and we handle them carefully and sensitively. Outsourcing your in-house machining has a number of positives:

  • Reduce your cost structure in an investment-intensive area.
  • Improve your cost flexibility during capacity fluctuations.
  • Free up resources to focus on your core business.
  • Benefit from that focus to boost your flexibility and order just-in-time.
  • Increase management capacity by freeing up resources.
  • Gain access to highly specialized external resources and capabilities.

Need a competent outsourcing partner?

You can rely on Leipold

Outsourcing your machining is no easy process, so a skilled partner couldn’t be more important. We’ll guide you safely through it, step by step. Leipold provides the following services:

  • We transfer your portfolio to our existing production resources and manufacture your parts to your specifications.
  • We help you optimize the manufacturing efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your production in line with your product needs.
  • We take over your machinery and integrate it in our existing locations.
  • We take full responsibility for managing the whole outsourcing process on your behalf including machine shipping, materials procurement, etc.

Looking to divest your machining assets and cut staff costs? Opt for outsourcing and take the first step toward engaging a partner you can rely on. 

Your Purchasing department plans new products exclusively with externally manufactured precision parts. This means for example that you outsource the manufacture of the first item to us.

You transfer responsibility to us for your precision parts. We jointly develop a schedule for your machining divestment.

We work together to complete your machining divestment. You outsource the production resources – which Leipold will take over if required – and redistribute the company resources you have freed up. You now order all your items from Leipold and other suppliers.

If you’re looking to upgrade to the latest industry standard, make Leipold your system partner. As a precision specialist, we’ll provide expert advice on your parts design and manufacture.

Make us your #1 outsourcing partner

Take advantage of our long-standing expertise in precision parts

Plans to shut your machining down? We can help.

There are several ways you can contact us.

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