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Constant cost transparency means competitive prices

We spot savings potential that boosts your efficiency

As your system partner we make it our business to identify potential savings ongoing, and to share this information with you transparently. Our high-level expertise in mobility, connectivity, general industry and aerospace means we understand your market conditions and can help make your geometries, tolerances, materials and processes more efficient. And by applying smarter design we guarantee cost-efficient production.

We use a number of factors to calculate your potential savings and give you personalized advice on the cost factors involved. 

  • We propose potential parts modifications in line with your requirements for the installed setting.
  • If necessary, we can switch to an alternative, more cost-effective material from our extensive portfolio .
  • We use alternative machine concepts to manufacture your items.
  • We reduce cost drivers to deliver savings potential on your precision parts.

When you reach a specified volume of annual sales, we provide you with the cost breakdown for your parts production. We list the relevant cost centers – from materials procurement to shipping – transparently for every step in the process chain, giving you a deep insight into the cost structure within our partnership.

Want more transparent costs for your precision parts?

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