Leipold Inc.: The Leipold Newsletter -2nd. Edition March 2018

Leipold Inc. The Leipold Newsletter - 2nd. Edition March 2018


Events from 2017                                                                      

In June, Leipold, Inc. had a Grand Opening for the completion of a 20,000 square foot expansion doubling the production area, as well as showcasing the process cooling sustainable energy concept and new state of the art equipment. Connecticut’s Lieutenant Governor, Nancy Wyman, and Leipold’s Chief Executive Officer, Pascal Schiefer, along with other members of the Advisory Board and numerous guests, were present for the official ribbon cutting ceremony. It had been nearly 20 years since Leipold first opened its doors in Windsor, CT. With more and more companies moving out of state and out of the country, Leipold decided to remain strong in Connecticut keeping the economy and the workforce in place. Click here for the full story.

Spotlight - Process Cooling                                                                    

With the recent expansion of the Leipold, Inc. facility in Windsor, CT, extensive thought was put in to make production more energy efficient, while raising the bar for precision machined parts and keeping our employees comfortable with the extreme heat of summer.


Leipold, Inc. raised its precision levels while equipping the production facilities for increased energy savings and protecting the environment, alongside the expansion in production capacity. The central process cooling system provides cold water for the facility. A process water to oil chiller at each machine keeps the cutting oil at a constant temperature, thus significantly increasing production precision and efficiency. “The innovative cooling system substantially stabilizes our machining processes,” said our General Manager. Another positive effect will be the reduction in energy that the cooling system consumes compared to the conventional process, with both the cooling system and the machines releasing less waste heat. The facility no longer heats up, making for a much more pleasant working environment.

Joining the Leipold, Inc. Team                                                          

Leipold Inc. is pleased to announce the hire of Matthew (Matt) Phillips. Years of experience in the machining industry, coupled with a strong technical background, have made Matt our top choice for the mid-west Regional Sales Manager. Matt has a strong history working with clients on components and assemblies produced from bar stock, throughout the United States as well as select portions of the globe. Prior to that, he spent a portion of his career in the machining of forgings and castings for the heavy truck industry. He also has a strong background in the domestic transportation and international logistics field.


Matt is the proud father of two young girls, ages 10 and 12, and volunteers at his local Fire Department as a Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical First Responder. We welcome him to the Leipold family!


Why the mid-west? Based out of Jackson, MI, he is able to actively be present in the automotive, agricultural and industrial markets, positioning Leipold for strategic growth. Matt represents the first cornerstone of our sales expansion efforts, as we look to establish the Leipold name throughout the US as being synonymous with top quality precision turned components, having a high level of technical expertise and offering custom solutions.


Located in the mid-west and interested in our precision turning services? Reach out directly to matthew.phillips@leipold-inc.com


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