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Precision parts for the vehicles of tomorrow

Passenger transport. Commercial transport. Rail transport.

Requirements for future mobility are changing at a dizzying pace. Stay ahead of the curve with our precision know-how. We can support you in every phase of your project, from planning new components to implementing cost-effective solutions.

Assuring mobility for different application areas

Diverse solutions for your specific application area

High diversity is the distinguishing feature of our precision parts for mobility Based on your application area we produce cost-effective solutions using a host of different materials. Some of the precision parts we make are:

  • Motor and drive components for e-bikes
  • Fuel supply and distribution components for combustion engines
  • Hybrid components
  • E-mobility interfaces for charging stations, (high-voltage) charging plugs and sensors
  • Switch components for pneumatic air feeds in commercial vehicles
  • Braking systems and door openers for trains
  • and more

What makes Leipold special in the mobility sector

Reap the benefits of our advantages

  • Intensive customer and OEM support along the entire process chain
  • Reliable production in accordance with SOPs
  • Wide variety of materials
  • Cost transparency
  • Special cleanliness and residual contamination requirements factored in
  • 100% inspection via custom-designed test facilities, including for large volumes, with objective, customer-focused testing accuracy

Cost-effective precision parts for the mobility sector

Here are some examples of our capabilities

Smarter design for your mobility precision parts

Work with us on your pioneering mobility solutions

Optimize your precision parts with Leipold. We work with you to rethink the choice of materials, process engineering, tolerances and costs that go into your parts. Find out more about the benefits of partnering with us.

More information

Contact our mobility experts

We keep you a step ahead

Get yoursolutions moving with the help of our mobility experts. We’ll help you design your component in line with your requirements. Get in touch! There are several ways you can contact us.

Call us on +49(0)7834 / 8395-0.

Email us at mobility(at)  and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Or you can simply send us a message using the contact form.