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Precision parts for the power distribution of tomorrow

We make connections that last

Turned parts that you can turn to your advantage: make the connections in your systems reliable and long-lasting, with precision parts from Leipold Connectivity. We believe that optimum signal flows based on high-grade materials are critical, whether in automation engineering, building services or power distribution. Our solutions are used in both traditional communications equipment and building connection points. We have proven expertise and experience in machine automation, smart-home technology, fiber optics and 5G. And we’ve been machining lead-free brass for over a decade.

Guaranteeing signals for different application areas

From automation to building services

Our Connectivity division couldn’t be more versatile. We provide solutions for mechanical engineering, automation technologies, power distribution and building services, including:

  • Signal current distribution for machine automation and smart-home applications
  • Connectors and sockets, terminal clamps, boxes, special terminals and connecting terminals, as well as terminal strips in a wide range of sizes
  • Housings, pins and sockets for a variety of communications devices such as smartphones
  • Coax connectors for 5G technology
  • Fiber-optic transmission cables
  • Components for optical data transmission

Here’s how Leipold connectivity parts become complete solutions:

Everything from a single source – including the optimum surface finish

  • In-depth expertise in the production of precision parts for automation, power distribution and building installation
  • End-to-end value creation from co-design to production and logistics
  • Maximum precision and surface quality standards 
  • Lead-free brass for RoHS-compliant electrical components
  • Help selecting surface finishes

Smarter design for your connectivity precision parts

For a unique connection between two long-term partners

Optimize your precision parts with Leipold. We work with you to rethink the choice of materials, process engineering, tolerances and costs that go into your parts. Find out more about the benefits of partnering with us.

More information

Contact our connectivity experts

Reliable connections for every requirement

Link up with our connectivity experts and work with us to design your component in line with your requirements. Get in touch! There are several ways to contact us.

Call us on +49(0)7834 / 8395-0.

Email us at connectivity(at)  and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Or you can simply send us a message using the contact form.