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Precision parts for a safe on-board environment in the air

Your supplier for high-grade components with a long service life

The requirements for aerospace components could not be more demanding. Aircraft manufacturers and aerospace suppliers require lightweight, resilient and durable components that perform in a highly corrosive environment. Leipold has been actively involved in the aerospace supply industry for several years now. Our customers have come to rely on the processes we helped them develop. Our expertise in this field makes us more of a service provider than a contractor. Thanks to the high value-creation depth of our own production operations, we develop almost all processes in-house. Our customers can expect exacting precision parts, groundbreaking coating technologies and custom services.

Precision parts for safe flight procedures

Fundamental interfaces in critical aerospace applications

Complex geometries and advanced materials are the key challenges in the manufacture of precision parts for the aerospace industry. Ease of installation and rapid implementation are also high on the agenda. Our main products for the aerospace sector are:

  • Fork joints, rings and bushings, and tensioners for luggage racks
  • Tie rod tensioners
  • Key connecting elements for luggage racks, water tanks, lift struts, flap openings and chassis.

The Leipold advantage for the aerospace industry

Our benefits for the aerospace industry

  • Titanium, stainless steel and high-alloy aluminum processing
  • High-grade electroplating for extremely durable surfaces
  • Aerospace components less likely to wear – high corrosion resistance
  • Manufacture of 1 to 5,000 units of parts in a component family
  • Smarter parts design – improved component properties, higher profitability and faster aircraft construction
  • Scrutinized with aerospace-specific testing including the “cola test”
  • In-house component marking for consistent traceability of production location and time
  • Comprehensive documentation with sequential serial number compliant with aerospace regulations

Smarter design for your aerospace precision parts

Bespoke design, high resilience, strong system partnership

Optimize your precision parts with Leipold. We work with you to rethink the choice of materials, process engineering, tolerances and costs that go into your parts. Find out more about the benefits of partnering with us.

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Competent service providers you can trust

Take off with our aerospace experts and design your optimized component family with our help. There are several ways you can contact us.

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