Your specialist for precision parts

The Leipold Group uses over 250 automated production units to make a wide range of precision parts.

Leipold is your contact whenever you need metal precision parts. Our product range is extended with every order, because our manufacture is specifically focused on your wishes and requirements. We have particular experience in the following areas:


Electrical Engineering 



We develop product solutions with you and integrate them into your process chain.

To us, being a supplier means more than just manufacturing parts. Our work begins much earlier than that. Leipold’s experts play their part in your product development and work in direct collaboration with your development team.

Customer focus, flexibility and rapidity are our watchwords.

Reliability of quality and supply is our alpha and omega. Production and supply go hand in hand. That’s why logistics ranks high in our production chain.


Pascal Schiefer

Chairman of the Board


"Why do we manufacture in a high-cost country? It makes sense, as here we can mass-produce a diverse range of products creating customer-specific solutions using processes that are standardized and robust, and therefore efficient."


  • 2019-11-05

    Leipold Inc.: The Leipold Newsletter -3rd. Edition October 2019


    Leipold Inc. The Leipold Newsletter - 3rd. Edition October 2019 More

  • 2019-03-28

    Job vacancies

    Our job vacancies at Leipold Inc., Connecticut: More

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