The Leipold Group manufactures precision parts from copper base alloys and various types of steel, and has a total of three production facilities in Germany and the USA. As an industrial partner, the Leipold Group provides added-value activities across the entire supply chain, from development and production through to logistics.

Our customer base includes companies in the automotive and electrotechnical industries as well as in the fields of industrial engineering and building services. Our product portfolio features, among others, precision parts for fuel lines, sensors, control units and welding nozzles as well as innovative in-house developed parts for power distribution.

The core of our corporate philosophy is product quality: the Leipold Group manufactures exclusively in Germany and the USA and has ISO 9001 certification. Our other certifications are ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001.

With our various production facilities and over 250 production machines, we guarantee fast delivery and high reliability on a global level. Carl Leipold GmbH, the parent company of the group founded in 1919, is one of the oldest industrial turning shops in Germany and has its headquarters in Wolfach in the Black Forest. Another German plant is located in Dransfeld (near Göttingen). In addition to its plant in the USA (Windsor, CT), the company also has a sales office in the United Kingdom. The Leipold Group employs around 400 people globally, and achieved a turnover of almost €70m each year.