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Precision makes partnerships

Technical competence for long-term production cooperation

Looking for a highly skilled and reliable partner for the production of your precision parts? Look no further. With LEIPOLD you've found it. We are more than a common contract manufacturer. Our wide range of diversified and modern machine concepts allows us to provide an extensive variety and we consider ourselves to be a full-range provider in terms of machining. With our high level technical expertise, we can accompany and advise along the entire added value chain. Precision is part of our DNA.

  • We have the benefits of an extended and ultra-modern pool of machines, which differentiates itself in terms of complexities and achievable quantities, in addition to its content within each machine group, in order to cope with the markets flexibility. is differentiated for complexity and quantity but also aligned with market flexibility through diversity in every machine group.
  • When you outsource your machining to us, we will raise your manufacturing to a whole new level.your machining to us, we take your parts production to a new level.
  • In doing so, we ensure high cost transparency throughout the supply chain.
  • We provide you with tremendous value-creation depth with just one partner.
  • This streamlines your supply chain significantly.
  • We offer to jointly optimize your parts with a smarter design, by providing design for manufacturability.
  • We can propose a multitude of materials to you to meet the challenges of the future 
  • With our production options we can realize your complex components.
  • We are a family-run business with a global reach.

Specialist by vocation

The more complex the demands and expectations, the more our precision expertise comes into play.

We are specialists by vocation with decades of know-how and experience, prepared to assist every step of the way. Choose us as your systems partner.

 “Based on experience, the most successful business relationships are those where customers involve Leipold in the very early stages of the project.”

Pascal Schiefer, 2019

Looking for a partner for your complex components?

Consult with our precision specialists

Contact us for a personal consultation. Call +1860-298-9791. E-mail us at  info(at) and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Or submit your request in the contact form.