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Practical insights into an international manufacturer

Leipold helps tomorrow’s professionals make the transition to working life

Taking an internship with us gives you an in-depth insight into operational and production processes at a medium-sized family-run business with international reach. Based on your resume, we’ll place you in a team in your preferred division. We offer short internships to school students as well as to college students and recent graduates keen to expand their horizons over a longer period of time.


School internships

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School internships and voluntary internships

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Who we are

Discover our family-run business

Leipold is a precision specialist with decades of experience in machining a variety of metals. We co-design parts with our customers and manufacture them using state-of-the-art machinery. We see ourselves as our customers’ partner.

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Working with us gives you the edge

Boost your future job prospects

An internship at Leipold will give you a first impression of how things work in our business. Think you might have a future with us? Ask us about Leipold apprenticeship opportunities and dual study programs.

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