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Become a precision specialist

Kick off your career with a Leipold apprenticeship

Awaken your passion for metal. Cars, planes, e-bikes or laser technology: Leipold precision parts are used in many pioneering fields. Whether you’re interested in production, organization and communication or IT, we offer apprenticeships to suit your preferences and provide you with support throughout your training. Our goal is to turn Leipold apprentices into Leipold employees.

Apprenticeship vacancies

We are offering the following apprenticeships for the 2022 academic year

Focal point: Metal and plastics engineering<br/> Training location: Wolfach<br/> Training period: 2 years<br/> <br/> Job description<br/> Machine and system operators set up machinery, monitor process quality and correct settings during operation. To keep shift production running well, communications skills are essential in managing team arrangements.<br/> <br/> Training content<br/> You will learn how to set up and operate production systems as well as how to control material flow effectively and plan and prepare workflows. You’ll also carry out quality assurance measures using industry-specific measuring equipment.

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More apprenticeship profiles

Apprenticeships are one of our highest priorities

Specialization: Industrial engineering
Entry requirement: High school diploma
Training period: 3.5 years

Job description
Electronics technicians install, maintain and repair switchgear and controlgear systems, power supplies, and communications and lighting technologies. As an industrial engineering specialist you will work where production and operation systems are in use.

Training content
You’ll learn how to use the manual tools of the trade, starting with the basics and deepening your knowledge by helping to build electromechanical assemblies and equipment. You’ll also learn to bring plant sections into service.

Having successfully completed your apprenticeship you will have the option of further training opportunities, for example to become a technician, master craftsperson or electrical engineer.

Entry requirement: High school diploma
Training period: 3 years

Job description
Industrial clerks are in demand in all commercial areas. Your job will involve manufacturing planning and control, implementing customer orders, costings, financial accounting, marketing, sales, shipping and much more.

Training content
During your apprenticeship you will learn how to answer important human resources questions, how Accounting compiles all the figures, how Purchasing procures materials, how Production processes it, and how Sales sells the products to customers.

After completing your apprenticeship you have a variety of options in terms of professional qualifications you can take, for example Senior Commercial Clerk, Industrial Business Administrator, State-Certified Business Economist or Master of Business Administration.

Specialization: Application development
Entry requirement: A good high school degree
Training period: 3.5 years

Job description
IT specialists who work in application development design, program and maintain customer-specific software. As an IT expert, you’ll provide users with technical advice and training.

Training content
You will analyze and design software solutions, create programs and develop test procedures. You’ll also learn how to develop customer documentation and software-based presentations that will help you support and train customers.

IT specialists work in almost every sector of the economy, and there are lots of further training and qualifications options.

Specialization: Machine and plant design
Entry requirement: High school diploma
Training period: 3.5 years

Job description
Technical product designers use 3D CAD programs to create drawings and models of components and assemblies. They are also involved in construction and design engineering, calculation and simulation, and in process and project management.

Training content
You will learn about basic geometrical structures, how to read drawings, and how to deal with technical documents as well as creating computer-aided technical drawings. You will be able to create 2D and 3D drawings independently.

At the end of your apprenticeship you have the opportunity to become a technician or a designer.

Specialization: Systems integration
Entry requirement: High school diploma
Training period: 3 years

Job description
IT specialists who specialize in systems integration design and implement complex IT systems. For example, they bring information and telecommunications systems into service, and support them once in operation.

Training content
You will learn the basics of information technology such as operating systems and network architectures and will work on a variety of security factors. You’ll also develop customer documentation and software-based presentations.

IT specialists work in almost every sector of the economy, and there are lots of further training and qualifications options.

Dual studies in business information systems at Leipold

Theory and practice for specialists

Keen to gain practical experience but want to study as well? Then Leipold business information systems is the perfect choice. In partnership with Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University’s Villingen-Schwenningen campus, we offer a dual studies (B.Sc.) program in Business Information Systems .

Advanced specialization Process Engineering and Digital Management
Training location: Wolfach
Cooperation partner: Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, Villingen-Schwenningen campus
Training period: 3 years (6 semesters)

Job description
Using computer-based information systems successfully is critical in every area of business and management. Employees who can combine an in-depth knowledge of business administration with IT are in great demand. Business information systems specialists link the business world with innovative technologies.

Training content
Theory stages (studies): Your studies will give you in-depth knowledge of subareas in business administration, such as materials handling, production/logistics, process management, organization, marketing, accounting and controlling.
They also focus on applied IT, covering topics such as programming, systems analysis, operating systems, database systems, computer networks, the internet and multimedia.

Practical stages (on-the-job training): In the practical stages you will apply and deepen your theoretical learning as well as demonstrating practical solutions. Another important goal is to learn and apply decision-making skills. This begins by getting to know the company and by working in selected departments, joining the IT department and taking on small projects. Your final task will be to develop an independent solution to an operational problem.

At the end of your three-year study program you will graduate with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).

  • Apprenticeship program certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • A good balance of on-the-job training and theory with exciting projects
  • Respectful support from our qualified trainers
  • Trainee outings and factory tours, company parties and other activities
  • Leipold Aktiv sports program
  • Over 90% of our apprentices are offered a job with the company on completing their training
  • Four out of five of our current managers started out as Leipold apprentices

Leipold apprenticeships at a glance

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